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Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of LED displays, LED traffic signs, and high power LED luminaires

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    YAHAM Industrial Park, 118 Yongfu Rd, Baoan, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Yaham Optoelectronics is an established manufacturer of LED lights, LED displays and LED traffic signs with vast experience in LED applications and extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities in LED technology. Over the last 15 years Yaham Optoelectronics has become a significant player in the lighting and display market. As an OEM/ODM of a wide variety of specification and commercial grade LED products, the company is a recognized leader in delivering quality, performance and innovation at competitive prices.

Yaham Lighting pioneered the development of high-quality, energy-efficient high power LED lighting. The company sustainable lighting solutions deliver industry's best lumen maintenance, color stability and light quality even at high-stress conditions where long lifetimes at high/low ambient temperatures or in harsh environment matter. It's LED high bay lights, LED street lights, LED area lights, LED high mast lights, LED flood lights, and LED canopy lights feature trend-setting LED lighting designs and top class LED components that bring out industrial aesthetics, exceptional performance and high reliability. Yaham's innovative portfolio of application-optimized industrial and outdoor luminaires set the industry's benchmarks for value creation and redefine what's possible with LED lighting. Today, Yaham's diverse range of lighting products can be found in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, retail establishments, outdoor worksites, and road networks all over the world.

Yaham manufactures a complete line of full color indoor and outdoor LED display systems that excel in brightness and reliability, offering a stunning way to capture attention in any location, whether arena, stadium, commercial, outdoor branding and advertising. Its indoor LED displays create uniform, high-quality images with accurate color depth with excellent close-proximity viewing experience at any brightness level. Yaham's outdoor LED displays are rugged, IP65 rated solutions with ultra-high resolution, unequalled brightness and contrast levels that successfully compete with daylight, even in direct sunlight. Designed for unrivaled reliability, Yaham LED displays for sports fields deliver the ultimate game day experience. Available in various sizes and pixel pitches, Yaham's LED displays offers a strong long term investment, with low maintenance costs and energy consumption, while providing an engaging experience for your audience.

Yaham Optoelectronics is a market leader in LED traffic signs, including variable message signs (VMS), variable traffic signs (VTS), passenger information solutions (PIS), etc. Yaham's VMS and VTS signs are built with long life LED technology with high visibility in all-weather conditions. They can can be installed in a wide selection of outdoor places like highways, major road junctions, and urban arteries, for a range of urban traffic management and traffic guidance applications. Its passenger information display systems are designed to dynamically receive and display information data and messages. They offer a unified passenger communications platform byprovides real-time train, bus, or flight arrival and departure information, operational and commercial messages to passengers via the display units in passageways at entrances, platforms and concourses of public traffic stations.

Yaham Optoelectronics operates a modern 20,000 square meter manufacturing facility which is vertically integrated to perform all in-house capabilities ranging from research and development, industrial design, tooling, engineering, prototyping, and luminaire assembly to testing, product certification, custom branding and logistics services. Every single stage of production is tracked and covered by a relentless quality system that is modeled after the ISO 9001:2008 standards. Yaham's LED products include those UL or ETL listed, and/or certified by CE, CCC, FCC, RoHS, etc.
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